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 Hi,everyone.Welcome to visit my store.My name is Zhen.I have been selling all of kinds of Jewelry accessories and jewelry for years.I know jewelry well and love them very much.Hope you like the jewelry in my store too. Enjoy yourselves in my Store. ^,^
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Announcement to all the friends:

      Thank you for visiting my store.  Here I inform you that the Spring Festival is coming in China. 

       Most people will have a long holiday For the Spring Festival in China(22th Jan-3rd Feb).

       Most shipping company will have a week off for the holiday just leave several people on work. 

       So the shipping is getting slower. Hope you will understand that.

       In our Company,we can handle your order and pack them AS NORMAL. Then send them to the shipping company. 

       But the estimated time of arrival might be longer than before because of the holiday.

       If you need your order urgently,please contact us before place the order! Thank you very much!

                                                                                                                                       Happy New Year!


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