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 Welcome to my eBay store. I sell Stamps and coins to include plate blocks, sheets, singles and sets, mint and used, Revenues, Ducks and collections US and world wide. Coins are US and foreign, proof sets, Prestige proof sets, singles and sets.

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{BJSTAMPS} Vintage China Silver Ingot  SYCEE 27 X15 mm, 18.2 grams tests 90%
Achat immédiat336,32 $C+16,40 $CTemps restant :8j 4h 7m
{BJStamps}  CHINA  1909-11 silver dragon $1 HUPEH L&M-187 Y-131 Rare Coin NGC
Achat immédiat800,45 $C+28,72 $CTemps restant :19j 23h 12m
{BJ Stamps}  703  Battle of Yorktown.  MNH 2¢ sheet of 50. Issued in 1931
Achat immédiat40,29 $C+16,39 $CTemps restant :3j 0h 27m
US #630 USED 1926 White Plains Sheet PHILA. EXPO MODEL POST OFFICE Bomar P26-8
Achat immédiat908,08 $C+23,38 $CTemps restant :21j 0h 37m
{BJ STAMPS} LZ127 1929 Graf Zeppelin 1st Round-the-World Cover Lakehurst-Germany
Achat immédiat60,54 $C+16,63 $CTemps restant :9j 0h 51m
{BJ STAMPS} 1942 # 906 CHINA RESISTANCE Sun Yat Sen cover censored to Hawaii
Achat immédiat127,80 $C+17,42 $CTemps restant :4j 20h 16m
{BJ Stamps} UNITED STATES collection, 1894-1987, in 2 vol. Lighthouse hingeless.
Achat immédiat807,18 $C+48,58 $CTemps restant :8j 1h 40m
{BJ Stamps} UNITED STATES collection, 1977-2004, MNH, 2-Scott albums. Face $845+
Achat immédiat1 338,57 $C+55,06 $CTemps restant :4j 20h 35m
{BJ Stamps} UNITED STATES, 1935-1984, commemorative collection MNH, B'17 , $553.
Achat immédiat262,33 $C+34,87 $CTemps restant :22h 48m
{BJSTAMPS} Panama1971 Proof Silver 20 BALBOA In box COA 3.85 toz fine silver
Achat immédiat121,01 $C+18,82 $CTemps restant :4j 20h 24m
{BJ Stamps} 804 1c Washington Prexie Issue, Precancel, Vallejo, Calif. Full gum
Achat immédiat87,44 $C+16,96 $CTemps restant :11j 21h 16m
 {BJSTAMPS} Coin Sets of All Nations United Arab Emirates BU UAE
Achat immédiat24,22 $C+16,67 $CTemps restant :12j 21h 39m
{BJ Stamps  } BK281  $6.80 Flowers. 3457v  (34)¢ Booklet Pane of 20. Issued 2000
Achat immédiat20,18 $C+21,24 $CTemps restant :22j 22h 15m
{BJSTAMPS} 2009 $1 American Eagle 1 ozt .999 SILVER BLUE Bronze MAGENTA TONING
Achat immédiat69,96 $C+17,49 $CTemps restant :8j 22h 2m
{BJSTAMPS}  2013 Theodore Roosevelt Coin & Chronicles Presidential Dollar Set
Achat immédiat235,43 $C+24,12 $CTemps restant :8j 20h 27m
{BJ Stamps} GERMANY, B105,1937, Ovpt. Horse Racing S/S, F-VF, OG, MNH. CV $150.
Achat immédiat65,92 $C+16,87 $CTemps restant :6j 1h 19m
Achat immédiat652,47 $C+37,75 $CTemps restant :21j 22h 15m
{BJ Stamps}  #923  Steamship "Savannah".   MNH 3¢ sheet of 50.  Issued in 1944.
Achat immédiat8,74 $C+21,03 $CTemps restant :18j 1h 35m
{BJ Stamps} #986  Edgar Allan Poe. MNH 3 Cents Stamp. 70 stamps.  Issued in 1949
Achat immédiat20,18 $C+21,24 $CTemps restant :5j 0h 1m
{BJ Stamps}  Norway  Stamp Collection Lighthouse hingeless album Scott cat 3800
Achat immédiat1 008,97 $C+24,61 $CTemps restant :10j 4h 3m
{BJ Stamps} Japan & Ryukyus, 1871-1971, Minkus album, mint & used. Cat. $3700
Achat immédiat ou Offre directe1 244,40 $C+27,48 $CTemps restant :2j 20h 52m
{BJ Stamps} UNITED STATES revenue, 1953-1955, "Tax Paid" Album w/MNH. '17 $924
Achat immédiat504,49 $C+36,75 $CTemps restant :25j 0h 51m
{BJ STAMPS} 1930 Crash Cover Warren Ohio - AAMC 300921 with burned letter
Achat immédiat134,53 $C+17,64 $CTemps restant :14j 1h 41m
{BJSTAMPS}  1947 Mexico Cinco Pesos Silver Chief Cuahtemoc BU
Achat immédiat52,47 $C+16,53 $CTemps restant :6j 22h 27m
{BJ Stamps} 599A type 2 coils on Europa Catapult cover, Ger. Sea post RPO 1930
Achat immédiat201,79 $C+14,76 $CTemps restant :14j 19h 44m
{BJSTAMPS} 2013 American Eagle San Francisco Two-Coin Silver Proof Set in Box
Achat immédiat187,00 $C+33,62 $CTemps restant :23h 4m
{BJ Stamps} VATICAN CITY, "1950 Holy Year" cover, 1949, #132-139 set of 8.
Achat immédiat17,48 $C+21,19 $CTemps restant :11j 21h 38m
{BJSTAMPS} Panama1976 Proof Set (2 ) Silver 20 BALBOA & 21/2 CENT GEM PROOF
Achat immédiat121,01 $C+18,82 $CTemps restant :4j 20h 13m
{BJ Stamps} JAPAN, 1875-1976, in Minkus album, Mint Hinged & Used. '17 cat. $916
Achat immédiat470,85 $C+36,34 $CTemps restant :20j 21h 20m
{BJSTAMPS} Binion Collection 1923 Peace Dollar NGC MS 65  Prestige sgl. #234/715
Achat immédiat168,16 $C+19,40 $CTemps restant :2h 42m
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