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 Hi, I am Ada from Releaserain! Releaserain is a doll hobby shop since 2005. Most doll items in Releaserain shop are hard to find outside because they are designed and produced by us! We always update new items several times a week! Wish you like them~~

Dear All, Here's Releaserain!! Thanks for visiting^^

Wholesales are also welcome for doll items and sewing supplies

Our doll items are produced and designed by us, so most of them are unique and hard to find outside. Wish you like them~~

We create variable doll items for variable size of dolls, such as Lati White, Pukifee, Lati Yellow, Yo-SD, MSD, Minifee, SD, SD13 Boy, SD16/17 Boy, Monster High, Blythe/Pullip, Kish Riley/Riki, 12" Kish, 14" Kish, 12" Tonner Marley, 16" Tonner fashion dolls (such as Gene, Tonner Tyler, Attoinette, Ellowyne...), 17" DeeAnna Denton, 17" Matt O'Neill body, 22" American Model, 18" American Girl, 16" Sasha... (too many LOL, but we will continue to create more and more^^). We also offers high quality dollhouse minatures, that's so amazing to bring our life size items into minatures!

Photography is fun and that's my hobby also, I love to take pictures for my dolls, so I also introdcue some camera items in my store, wish you like them too~~

Our facebook username is "releaserain" also, welcome to visit our facebook fans page for our latest news and updates. We always update new items several times a week!

Thanks for supporting Releaserain! Regardless of our miles apart, you are always the most precious to us.

Happy Fall 2015~~

Ada (Releaserain)

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