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 We provide a huge selection of new and collectible comic books, graphic novels, and comic art, with reliable grading, professional packaging, and super fast shipping.

Super Fast Shipping and Reliable Grading

We provide same or next business day shipping for all orders Monday-Friday, with almost all orders received by 11 AM Central shipping same day.

We Value Your Business

Mistakes are rare, but in the event of a problem with your purchase, please contact us through eBay or call 817-860-7827 and we will take care of it. We want you to be happy with your purchase and return to buy from us again.

We Buy Comics and Accept Consignments

We buy over two hundred thousand comics a month, everything from large modern collections to individual high value Golden Age and Silver Age books and everything in between. We also accept comics and comic art consignments, and have one of the largest groups of consignors in the comic business. Learn more about selling and consigning

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Photo [masquer]Titre de l'objetPrix
Expédition vers CAN
Heure de mise en vente
Superman (2nd Series) #82 1993 VF- 7.5
Achat immédiat19,92 $C+13,69 $CMise en vente :23-janv. 10:38
Star Wars The Force Awakens Adaptation 1E 2016 Cassaday 1:200 Variant VF/NM 9.0
Achat immédiat65,97 $C+13,69 $CMise en vente :23-janv. 10:35
Spider-Man TPB (Marvel) By Todd Dezago and Mike Wieringo #1-1ST 2017 NM
Achat immédiat49,79 $C+13,69 $CMise en vente :23-janv. 10:32
Silver Surfer The Infinity Gauntlet TPB (Marvel) Epic Collection #1-1ST 2017 NM
Achat immédiat43,57 $C+13,69 $CMise en vente :23-janv. 10:32
Sheena (Dynamite) 1G 2017 Sook B&W 1:20 Variant NM- 9.2 Stock Image
Achat immédiat13,69 $C+19,92 $CMise en vente :23-janv. 10:31
Secret Empire Omega 1C 2017 NM- 9.2 Stock Image
Achat immédiat52,28 $C+13,69 $CMise en vente :23-janv. 10:29
Rurouni Kenshin TPB (Vizbig Edition) #1-REP 2008 VG Low Grade
Achat immédiat10,89 $C+19,92 $CMise en vente :23-janv. 10:29
Runaways 1D 2017 NM- 9.2 Stock Image
Achat immédiat6,85 $C+19,92 $CMise en vente :23-janv. 10:26
Planet Stories (pulp) #Vol. 3 #6 1947 VG 4.0 RESTORED
Achat immédiat21,16 $C+13,69 $CMise en vente :23-janv. 10:23
Deadpool (1st Series) #15 1998 VF 8.0
Achat immédiat49,79 $C+13,69 $CMise en vente :23-janv. 10:22
Deadpool (1st Series) #15 1998 CGC 9.8 0962539002
Achat immédiat94,60 $C+13,69 $CMise en vente :23-janv. 10:22
Mighty Avengers Secret Invasion HC (Marvel) Deluxe Edition #1-1ST 2010 VF
Achat immédiat39,83 $C+13,69 $CMise en vente :23-janv. 10:14
How to Read Nancy SC The Elements of Comics in Three Easy Panels #1-1ST 2017 NM
Achat immédiat53,53 $C+13,69 $CMise en vente :23-janv. 10:01
Hobbit 1A 1989 1st Printing VF 8.0
Achat immédiat21,16 $C+13,69 $CMise en vente :23-janv. 10:00
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency: The Salmon of Doubt TPB 2-1ST 2017 NM
Achat immédiat23,65 $C+13,69 $CMise en vente :23-janv. 09:46
Challengers of the Unknown (DC 1st Series) #10 1959 GD 2.0 Low Grade
Achat immédiat13,69 $C+19,92 $CMise en vente :23-janv. 09:36
Batman #335 1981 FN- 5.5 Low Grade
Achat immédiat10,58 $C+19,92 $CMise en vente :23-janv. 09:28
Avatar The Last Airbender North and South HC Library Edition #1-1ST 2017 NM
Achat immédiat59,75 $C+13,69 $CMise en vente :23-janv. 09:28
Art of Overwatch HC (Dark Horse) #1-1ST 2017 NM
Achat immédiat78,42 $C+13,69 $CMise en vente :23-janv. 09:25
Arrow and Superhero Television SC (McFarland) #1-1ST 2017 NM
Achat immédiat32,36 $C+13,69 $CMise en vente :23-janv. 09:25
Archie #30 1948 FR/GD 1.5
Achat immédiat104,56 $C+13,69 $CMise en vente :23-janv. 09:25
Amazing Spider-Man (1st Series) #241 1983 FN 6.0 Stock Image
Achat immédiat2,43 $C+19,92 $CMise en vente :23-janv. 09:22
Amazing Spider-Man (1st Series) #77 1969 FN+ 6.5
Achat immédiat77,18 $C+13,69 $CMise en vente :23-janv. 09:22
Adventure Comics (1st Series) #307 1963 VG 4.0
Achat immédiat53,53 $C+13,69 $CMise en vente :23-janv. 09:22
Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix #4 1994 FN Stock Image
Achat immédiat2,12 $C+19,92 $CMise en vente :23-janv. 09:21
300 #1 1998 VF 8.0
Achat immédiat6,54 $C+19,92 $CMise en vente :23-janv. 09:21
Wolverine (2nd Series) #66A 2008 McNiven Variant 1st Printing FN 6.0
Achat immédiat44,81 $C+13,69 $CMise en vente :23-janv. 09:15
Star Wars Darth Maul (Marvel) Halloween Comicfest #1 2017 NM
Achat immédiat3,11 $C+19,92 $CMise en vente :23-janv. 09:01
Machine Man (1st Series) #1 1978 CGC 9.6 0962590011
Achat immédiat79,67 $C+13,69 $CMise en vente :23-janv. 08:28
Congo Bill (1st Series) #3 1955 GD- 1.8
Achat immédiat155,60 $C+13,69 $CMise en vente :23-janv. 08:06
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