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 Welcome to BlackDagger Games. We sell bits. Take your time and browse around.


If you want Combined shipping! Do not use a Mobile App.

   We combine shipping. For Bits you pay one shipping charge the rest ship free.

  Some larger items have an additional charge for shipping, such items will say so in their descriptions

   Ebay, however, will not show the combined savings untill you go through checkout, ask and recieve an invoice or go pay where it will ask if you want to combine payments, which combines shipping. So dont be alarmed.

   For combined shipping, please get everything you want then go pay just once. We dont mind you waiting to pay if your thinking of getting something else. Just dont wait to long, we'll start sending out payment reminders.


  Shipping Notices

 Packages usually ship within 24 hours of payment unless its Friday after 2pm (our time), then they ship Monday morning

 Shipping should take 3-5 days but in rare cases may take up to 2 weeks.

  International Shipping usually takes 5-10 days but may take up to 6 weeks.

  Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. These charges are the buyers responsibility.  Please check with your countrys customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to bidding/buying.

  GA Residents pay 7 % Sales Tax

Attention International buyers. Sorry International rates just doubled

    We do not ship to some countries. These countries have postal problems beyond the normal.

  Sono spiacente, ma a causa delle numerose restrizioni doganali e degli smarrimenti durante la spedizione, non spedisco più in Italia.

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Shipping & Payment
Combined Shipping! Get everything you need but don't pay until you are done shopping. Ebay will not show the savings until you pay. Try using the cart feature. Combined shipping does not work on mobile apps, its fine for single purchases.
Sales Tax
GA Residents pay 7% Sales Tax
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40K Dark Imperium Primaris Space Marines Captain in Gravis Armour Bits
Achat immédiat8,72 $C+13,80 $CTemps restant :11j 7h 53m
The Army Painter Miniature & Model Tools Hobby Saw "Bone Saw"
Achat immédiat17,25 $C+13,80 $CTemps restant :8h 18m
WFB Vampire Counts  Grave Guard w Great Weapon Single Figure Bits
Achat immédiat5,77 $C+13,80 $CTemps restant :2j 6h 18m
WFB Dark Elves Cold One Knights Head Top Knot Bits 1 Bitz S
Achat immédiat1,25 $C+13,80 $CTemps restant :9j 7h 58m
WFB Wood Elves Glade Guard Ungor Beastmen Skulls Base Scenery Bits 4 Bitz
Achat immédiat1,25 $C+13,80 $CTemps restant :10j 5h 32m
WFB Wood Elves Glade Riders Champion Cloak, Bow & Sword Arms Bits
Achat immédiat1,25 $C+13,80 $CTemps restant :3j 5h 55m
WFB Vampire Counts Black Knights/Hexwraiths Hexwraith Legs Bits
Achat immédiat1,25 $C+13,80 $CTemps restant :4j 7h 51m
WFB Warriors of Chaos  Warhound Single Figure Bits
Achat immédiat3,64 $C+13,80 $CTemps restant :14j 7h 21m
WFB Empire State Troops Weapon Shaft Bits 10 Bitz S
Achat immédiat1,57 $C+13,80 $CTemps restant :27j 6h 31m
WFB Vampire Counts Grave Guard Skull & Bones Base Scenery Bits 6 Bitz
Achat immédiat1,25 $C+13,80 $CTemps restant :16j 7h 22m
WFB Dwarfs Thunderers/Quarrellers Pipe Hand Bits 4 Bitz S
Achat immédiat1,25 $C+13,80 $CTemps restant :15j 6h 5m
WFB Dwarfs Warriors Helmet Face Guard Bits 8 Bitz S
Achat immédiat1,25 $C+13,80 $CTemps restant :15j 6h 49m
WFB Lizardmen Terradon/Ripperdactyl Champions Ripperdactyl Head & Fin Bits
Achat immédiat1,25 $C+13,80 $CTemps restant :27j 8h 37m
WFB Dwarfs Hammerers/Longbeards Hammerer Heads Bits 5 Bitz
Achat immédiat1,25 $C+13,80 $CTemps restant :6j 7h 57m
40K Tyranid Warrior MC Venom Cannon Bits 1 OOP Bitz S
Achat immédiat1,25 $C+13,80 $CTemps restant :14j 6h 30m
The Army Painter Battlefields Tuft Winter Tufts
Achat immédiat7,34 $C+13,80 $CTemps restant :8h 13m
The Army Painter Battlefields Flock Moss Green Flock
Achat immédiat6,21 $C+13,80 $CTemps restant :23j 7h 24m
The Army Painter Miniature & Model Tools Files
Achat immédiat7,21 $C+13,80 $CTemps restant :22j 7h 8m
The Army Painter Battlefields Tuft Mountain Tufts
Achat immédiat7,34 $C+13,80 $CTemps restant :29j 8h 15m
The Army Painter Battlefields Static Grass Steppe Grass
Achat immédiat6,21 $C+13,80 $CTemps restant :28j 6h 32m
The Army Painter Battlefields Summer Undergrowth Lichen
Achat immédiat6,21 $C+13,80 $CTemps restant :7j 7h 38m
The Army Painter Battlefields Basing Brown Battleground
Achat immédiat6,21 $C+13,80 $CTemps restant :2j 7h 43m
The Army Painter Miniature & Model Tools Spare Drills & Pins
Achat immédiat8,72 $C+13,80 $CTemps restant :9j 7h 39m
WFB Skaven Stormvermin Musician & Standard Bits
Achat immédiat1,25 $C+13,80 $CTemps restant :27j 6h 34m
The Army Painter Miniature & Model Tools Hobby Sculpting Tools
Achat immédiat12,23 $C+13,80 $CTemps restant :28j 6h 42m
The Army Painter Miniature & Model Tools Pin Vice Model Drill
Achat immédiat14,74 $C+13,80 $CTemps restant :5j 7h 38m
40K Necron Canoptek Wraiths Whip Coils Bits 1 pair Bitz
Achat immédiat6,21 $C+13,80 $CTemps restant :17j 7h 38m
40K Tyranids Termagant Biomorph Spine Fist Bits 9 Bitz
Achat immédiat2,07 $C+13,80 $CTemps restant :4j 8h 11m
WFB High Elves Shadow Warriors/Sisters Avelorn Pouch Bits 10 Bitz
Achat immédiat2,07 $C+13,80 $CTemps restant :29j 6h 41m
WFB Warriors of Chaos Dragon Ogres Hooked Sword Arms Bits
Achat immédiat3,70 $C+13,80 $CTemps restant :22j 6h 46m
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